The Thirty Three

Who are the 33?

Our life members who have served for at least 25 years are:

Phil Poyner, Gerald Peake, Ron Evans, Tony Holt, Eric Robinson,John Everton and Peter Kenyon.

Our subscribing members who have joined within the past 25 years are:

Alan Jones, Dave Taylor, Bob Kirkwood, Jim Beckett, Derek Hope, Sean Taylor, Brian Fowler, Martin Carrick, Andy Kirkwood, Steve Murray, Dave Holland, Dave Howard and Rob Newell.

Associate Members: We have many friends, either former members or strong supporters, to whom we offer annual associate membership in recognition of their valued assistance. They are:

Mike Beswick, John Brennen, Chris Burke, Peter Cummins, Sarah Davies, Bobby Durkin, Adam French, Roy Harris, Pete Heeran, Tammie Howard, Rob Kirkwood, Irene Mullen, Carol Mulvey, Wayne Ninian, Dave Peacock, Doreen Riley, Tom Simcock, John Stevenson, Geoff Swain, Seton Wheatley and Jayne White.

The Thirty Three

Management Committee


Chairman Dave Howard
Vice Chairman Bob Kirkwood
Secretary Dave Holland
Treasurer Jim Beckett
Chairman - Grants & Donations Committee John Everton
Chairman - Social Committee Brian Fowler

Grants And Donations Committee

Chairman John Everton
Secretary Rob Newell


Derek Hope

Ron Evans

Steve Murray

Social Committee:

Chairman Brian Fowler


Tony Holt

Dave Taylor

Sean Taylor

Alan Jones

Posted on Aug 08, 2017