The Thirty Three's founders were Messrs. Herbert Bushell, Fredric Ernest Henderson Barratt, George Willie Ward, Edward Henderson Wilson Leonard and Herbert Duffy....five Timperley residents who pledged themselves in 1945 to help those less fortunate than themselves. It was decided that membership of the organisation would be restricted to a maximum of thirty-three gentlemen, or, to quote an early membership book: "Males who shall not be under the age of twenty-one years". Initial activities were centered on the Sylvan Inn, the Thirty Three's original purpose being to care for the children and families of those who had served in the Armed Services during World War Two.

The "Order of the Thirty Three", as it was then known, carried out fund raising activities for deserving local causes...a tradition still being upheld. As well as the customary posts of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, early officers were entitled Ceremaster, High Steward, First & Second Guides, and Sentinel.

Through the years, the Thirty Three, no longer an "Order", and now based at Timperley Conservative and Social Club, has continued to support deserving local causes, although these have diversified to include patients of all ages, whether based at home or in hospital; those who care for them, such as Macmillan Nurses and the staff of Francis House; local Special Schools, such as Brentwood and Pictor; other disadvantaged persons requiring specific equipment, and hospitals requiring similar items, notably in the field of cancer care. Regular donations in recent years have been made to Child Flight. Furthermore, we have a number of local Senior Citizens - our "Adoptees" - whom we treat to Christmas Lunch and entertainment each December.

Before assistance is offered, approval is given by the full membership, following close investigation by the Grants and Donations Committee. All monies raised from fundraising are passed onto worthy causes; administrative expenses are met entirely from the members' own "Social Account".

The Thirty Three, some years prior to its 1995 Golden Jubilee Fund - extra to its usual commitments - from which proceeds an item of biopsy equipment was presented to the Pathology Department of Wythenshawe Hospital to mark Jubilee Year. 1995 also saw the traditional Ladies' Evening incorporated in a Weekend Away at the Chadwick Hotel, Lytham St.Annes...the venue varies according to the wishes of the Chairman and his lady (if he has one!). Llandudno, Southport and Kendal have joined Lytham St.Annes on the list of resorts visited.

The Chairman holds two collarettes of office: the larger was supported by members' donations and first worn in 1997, replacing that which had existed since 1971. A smaller supplementary model was provided in 1985 by Bill Schofield in memory of Alf Woolley. The collarettes worn by the Vice Chairman and the G&D Chairman were donated by the members as a mark of respect to those holding the offices. The member's tie is navy blue with yellow and red diagonal stripes and has a yellow central 33 motif, a reproduction of the Chairman's medallion.

The members of the Thirty Three recognise and express their wholehearted gratitude to their wives, partners, families, associates and many friends, in Timperley and further afield, who have supported their social events and fundraising efforts for charity, through the years; we look forward to the same tremendous support as the twenty-first century evolves.

Posted on Jun 06, 2017